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Impact of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance of User Interface/ User Experience and Mobile App Development

As the Internet, mobile technologies and cloud computing technologies have evolved, interface technologies have also evolved and designs for applications have changed drastically. User Interface development requires a lot of prototyping and experimenting along with user research, Adobe XD is an application which is very helpful for that. It is a vector based user experience and user interface design tool that is used for web apps and mobile apps. It is developed and published by Adobe Inc. Android has also progressed along the years. Android Applications are developed on many software platforms. But Android studio is one of the famous ways where one can develop an application for android. The main components that make up Android applications are tasks, services, assets, XML files, and Android Manifest. If one has a device attached to the computer with a compatible Android SDK version, one can create a virtual Android device and then run the application. Keywords - User Interface, User Experience Design, Android App, Adobe XD, Android Studio