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Design and Development of Pybot Using Nlp

A Pybot is basically a chatbot that answers all the queries related to python. It breaks downs the internet barrier and gives the information offline. As per the new education policy coding will be taught to the students from 6th standard so it will be very beneficial for students living in rural areas and even for the students residing in urban areas as it is an interacting method of clearing doubts and learning new things. It will also help in developing and building mini projects. It is built using NLP (Natural Language Processing) in order to maintain smooth interaction between human and computer. For better interaction text to speech option is available, different themes and fonts are also available. The Pybot also shows notes and displays the date and time of the last interaction. There is a text to speech choice, as well as different themes and fonts, for better interaction. The Pybot often presents notes and the last interaction's date and period. Keywords - Pybot, Chatbot, NLP, Python Chatbots, Text to speech, Python queries