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Conjunctive Usage of Surface Water and Ground Water: Dual Implication of Optimization Algorithms

Unsustainability of water resources disturbs the agriculture process. With rapidly increasing food demand, stress level of surface water goes drawdown. In order to increase glean; surface water and ground water are conjoined to form a water-flow model and render to the water requirement of farming. In this paper, a novel intelligence technique known as Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Algorithm is applied to improve the groundwater recharge level. ABC algorithm collects different farming-related physical parameters to derive an optimal location of ground water and combined it with surface water for the advancement of cropping pattern. The exploration of ground water is expanded through a modified search updating that act in advance of new solution. The obtained solutions are then compared with other existed optimization algorithms where the rate of convergence and annual net profit was found to be increased by 7.25% and 34.68% respectively. Therefore, ABC algorithm seems to be a convincing one to search for an optimal location and enhance the water conservation area to overcome water demand. Keywords - Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm, Genetic Algorithm, Surface Water, Water Quality Index