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Loyalty Reward Enhancement System for Business Promotion

The present generation of teenagers are smart people who want to earn easy money without doing any hard work. On the other hand, in the corporate world, to withstand the competition world, the organizations are trying to attract their customers by offering them more rewards so that there is very little possibility for the user to quit their organization. These loyalty programs help the organization by making the customers choose their products rather than the others. This will increase the revenue and maintain more customers. Customer relationship is the key element to retain customers in any organization. Every organization somewhat feels challenging to find new customers than to retain the old customers. So, the organization tries to implement loyalty promotions by performing opinion mining from its different customers. In this model, sentiment analysis is performed based on the reviews made by the users, and then some recommendations are suggested to the user based on their previous order, and finally, a promotion code generates which applies during their next orders. The main key feature of this model is it segments the users and their locations rather than giving the same code for all the users. Keywords - Loyalty, Opinion Mining, Retention Ratio, E-commerce, Customer Relation Ship