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IOT Based Air Quality Monitoring and Controlling for Pharmaceuticals

Air quality monitoring system is used to detect and measure the impurities in the air, which may include an extensive variety of gases, environmental pollutants, moisture, microbes, and other particulates. In the pharmaceutical industry air quality monitoring is vital to maintain a controlled environment for ensuring quality in all areas such as lab spaces, R&D areas, and production lines. This project proposes an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled air quality monitoring system for analyzing the air quality, compute the index and to monitor, in real time, multiple environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, air pressure, VoC and AQI based on various gases. All the acquired information can be continuously updated on the cloud and can be accessed using a portal or on any smart mobile device, which generates the reports, historical data of monitored parameters allowing the lab monitoring personnel to get real-time and quick environment overview. The data can be monitored and can generate triggers for automate adjustments to maintain the desired air quality and alert the staff to take appropriate measures if suboptimal environmental conditions occur. Keywords - Internet of Things (IoT), Pollution, Air quality monitoring, Web services.