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Comparative Approach to Study The Effect of Sound Frequencies on Plants Growth with DIP

Plants are always have diversified effect of number of environmental parameters in their growth cycle and these sound waves effects the plants' growth, and it influences the yield result and crop quality. The demand of the efficient technology in the agriculture science sector has increased because of the growing population. Applying the preferable sound frequency to the plant is always very effective technique to increase the plant growth and to increase the productivity of that plant which will definitely help to attain the financial profit. Exposing plants to audible sound frequencies can be more trustworthy technique with digital image processing. The population of world which is increasing every day gives a challenge to scientists and researchers to investigate the every possible way to utilize new and green techniques consequently the production of food get enhance. This review study is planned to show the hypothesis that Plants accept the vibrations and does sound effects are on the plant growth. Keywords - Sound frequency, Plant growth, Digital Image Processing, Economic Benefits