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A Concept Analysis and Review of Literature on Landslide Prediction With Digital Image Processing

Global climate change causes landslide occurrence has been increased and subsequently, rise in the losses and damages associated with landslides. To save life of people in mountainous area from it is very important to warn them early. Landslides cause a serious harm to terrestrial life and activities in most high mountain ranges. Because of a difficult nature of such mountains ranges, it is very difficult to assess the susceptibility of slopes to landslides. Hence these situations give much importance to remote sensing specially in less developed areas. It is much important for the technique to be much accurate when it deals with life & environment. This review is to study Landslide Prediction in prone areas and to develop the new technique which will be more prominent warn administration or people so that they can take necessary actions to save life, environment & economic loss. It is very essential to build such a system which will earn the people and the authority in the hilly areas prior to the landslide which will save the people and animals in the prone region. Keywords - Landslide, Satellite, Hazard Assessment, Remote Sensing, Mountainous Region