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Various Project Development Stages and Movie Recommendation Using KNN

Developing a project is not that simple as it involves several steps for preparation with correct knowledge and right implementation. Here we will be dealing with some steps of project development as well as a real time project based on recommending movies using the algorithm KNN on the basis of their ratings. KNN generally retrieves the K data points which are nearest in distance. We have also used various steps which include Data mining, cleaning with different data sets and implemented everything in python that is Jupyter Notebook as it was compatible to use. Movie recommendation is a trending topic as there are many real time working scenarios and is a beneficial system for people who are using it as they get their related recommendations for any movies, books, online sales etc. It is not a new concept to be defined because even the retail shops use to recommend customers on the basis of the products that they buy. Keywords - Stages of project development, KNN, Movie recommendation, Jupyter Notebook.