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An Analytical Study of Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic Situation on Children With Reference to Physical Health: A Parent’s Perspective

As we all have observed that everybody is going through the tough time of covid-19 Pandemic situation. Consequently the routine activities like Shopping, Working, Learning Picnic and various habits like Outdoor Walk & Exercise, Hoteling, etc. of people have changed remarkably. It is seen that almost everything has been shifted from physical to online mode like Education, Entertainment, Family and Official Meets, Family Programs, etc. We have also noticed that the children screen time has increased drastically due to the same. It has great impact on their Physical as well as Mental Health. There are some positive observations like few children have become more cooperative and understanding, they have started helping their parents in daily household activities, they have also started doing exercise regularly. They have adopted few good hygiene habits like washing hands every time and changing clothes as and when they come from outside, putting mask all the time and maintaining social distancing. But in contrast some negative effects are also been observed. This paper is covering the impact of Covid-19 Pandemic situation on Physical Health of Children age ranging from 4 to 5 years old, such as Obesity, Eyestrain, Acidity, Headache, Backache, etc. Keywords - Covid-19, Pandemic, Physical Health, Mental Health, Hygiene Habits