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Micro-Electronic Pill for Miniaturizes and Low Power Biomedical Applications with Bi-Directional Communication Systems

With the help of advancement of microtechnology, a new and efficient invention of Micro Electronic Pills consisting of a multi-channel sensor has been made. This paper looked out the vital existing electronic pills within the showcase and models in research centers. The main objective of the research conducted was to create an advanced pill which had all the necessary qualities and make a pill which has all the important aspects needed in a capsule. The outline telemetry unit uses a non-stop stage DQPSK of 115kHz of a very low frequency which allows a synchronous bidirectional communication between the transmitter and the receiver, this allowed inductive information transmission which was suited for the vitality exchange within the human body. Through this accurate exchange of information through the pill transmitter and the receiver, efficient drug delivery can take place as well as the pH and temperature of the body can be measured. The pill has a 32bit processor, external peripheries, location facility and a memory. The pill has been designed and fabricated in such a way that it would fulfil all the requirements in a small-sized framework with low power consumption and a size of just 7X25mm along with an integrated circuit. Keywords - Ingestible Pill, Wireless Communication, Bidirectional Communication