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Affordable Myoelectric Prosthetic Arm

The individuals with upper limb amputation have been reported to be over 3 million worldwide. Losing a hand greatly changes the individual’s standard of living and also affect their emotional and social well-being. It becomes quite difficult for the amputees to even perform the basic everyday tasks. Several commercial prosthetics devices are available but most of them are extremely expensive at thousands or lakhs of rupees. Therefore, an economical prosthetic hand is a need for underprivileged individuals with upper limb amputation. We aimed to make the design simple and moderately functional rather than attempting a complex design which would make it costlier, heavier and also demanding on power consumption. This paper presents a typical myoelectric hand which extracts myoelectric signals from the residual arm of the amputee using the surface electrodes. The signals are then processed using the myoware sensor to allow the fundamental hand movements like opening and closing of hand with the help of a servo motor and string-based actuation. The interfacing of the components is done using Arduino UNO. Keywords - Economical Prosthetic hand, Myoware sensor, String-based actuation.