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Mobile Virology Research And Diagnostic Laboratory (Mvrdl: Bsl‑3)

To prevent spread of Coronavirus, World Wellbeing Association (WHO) has shown that activities, for instance, cleaning hands reliably with alcohol based hand sanitizer or washing with chemical and water, doing whatever it takes not to contact nose, eyes, mouth and social isolating should be followed by people. Another critical measure for containing spread is by Trying Testing and Testing. By testing, patients affected by Coronavirus can be separated and further spread from them can be thwarted. For testing, clinical model inactivation should be acted in a bio-prosperity level-3 (BSL-3) research focus and after this movement, routine testing can be acted in a bio-security level-2 lab. Considering the tainting and passing rates in the current pandemic condition, barely any verifiable level bio-security workplaces are expected to manage this deadly contamination related with potential transparency perils. It's everything except a long time, an immense staff and various resources for construct another fixed bio-prosperity office, thusly conceding the expectation and control of the pandemic. Thusly, a flexible BSL-3 lab with both bio-security and flexibility is basically expected to manage the pandemic and new broad prosperity scenes. To meet this essential, the maker has arranged a flexible virology research and indicative lab with commitments from ESIC Clinical School, Hyderabad, recognized two associations which work in production of safe houses and control workplaces, recognized and presented it inside 15 days of time. This front line, one of its sort lab was presented by Hon'ble Raksha Mantri on 23 April, 2020. The MVRDL made by WHO and ICMR bio-security standard (BSL-3) can be used. Keywords - Bio-safety, Containment, COVID-19, Mobile bio-safety laboratory.