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Effect of Singing Bowl Meditation on Cardiac Health – A Review

In today’s era, every individual have some or other stress in their lives. Stress can be due to academic demands; work pressure, financial issue, family issue, etc. are increasing exponentially in our society. This increase in stress can lead to several health problems. Specially, people with the age group <25 are more prone to the stress which turn into anxiety and depression ending with suicides. According to a recent survey youngster’s (age 18-24) are more likely to report the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Therefore, it is important to inculcate meditation in day to day lives. Meditation can be done in several ways but using sound waves are proved as the best form of meditation to reduce anxiety and depression. That’s why Himalayan Singing Bowl is proposed for therapeutic intervention and then analyzes how it will improve one’s physical and mental wellbeing. The current study delineates the effect of singing bowl meditation on cardiac health. Keywords - Singing Bowls, Anxiety, Depression, Meditation, Mental Health, Cardiac Health