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Affordable Pulse Oxy-Tracker For Android

Advancements in medical technology have helped to overcome a number of health related issues and also provide with health monitoring solutions required to ensure normal functioning of human body. Moreover, it also aided early diagnosis of diseases. During this COVID-19 pandemic, the measurement of oxygen Saturation (SpO2) is one of the primary and vital procedures to check hypoxemia. Therefore, Oxygen saturation has garnered much importance in the management and understanding of patient care. The current study delineates the design of an affordable integrated system to measure oxygen saturation in the blood in percentages and also measure heart rate in BPM (beats per minute). The results of measurement are displayed on the mobile application available on android smartphone. Android based Pulse Oxy-Tracker includes MAX30100 sensor to measure SpO2 levels and heart rate, Arduino UNO microcontroller board for data acquisition and decision making, HC-05 Bluetooth module for wireless data communication, and an in-house built Android application for data reading, recording, and further medical usage. Keywords - BPM, oxygen saturation, Pulse Oxy-Tracker, MIT App Inventor, HC-05