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Ecofriendly Mud Airconditioning

The present work is concerned with design of a machine used for eco-friendly air conditioning. The objective of the work was to make environment friendly, cost effective and energy efficient air conditioning device by using natural & sustainable material. There has been plenty of research work carried out related to evaporative cooling However, very few studies are done on reviewing the literature of evaporative cooling in all the areas. The following research is based on systematic literature review of 20 papers which were published on evaporative cooling in the top journals from 2002-2015. The published authors have researched evaporative cooling literatures in the way that would help research academicians to take a closer look at the growth and development of this technique. This paper aims to review the recent development concerning evaporative cooling technologies that could potentially provide sufficient cooling effort, reduce environmental impact and lower energy consumption. The authors have reviewed various journal papers and suggested different schemes of classification. The review covers working principle, performance of evaporative cooling technology and also studied direct, indirect and direct-indirect cooling system. The study focusing on investigating the method of cooling, benefits in terms of power consumption, cost saving and various environmental aspects, In addition, certain gap areas are identified that would help researchers in future research. Keywords - Mud Airconditioning