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Blood Bank Management System

This study outlines a high-tech system for bridging the gap between blood donors and individuals in need of blood. The Blood Bank Management System programme provides a way to connect blood banks and hospitals via the Internet. It’s a web service that allows registered hospitals to check for requested blood availability and submit blood requests to the nearest blood bank or donor who matches the blood demand. Blood can then be ordered as needed via the internet. If a blood bank is out of stock, it can seek blood from another blood bank. People who want to donate blood can use the Blood Bank Management Android App to locate blood banks near them. The blood bank’s location can also be found on a map. Only donors, seeking blood banks and hospitals are allowed to use the Android app to find local blood banks, while only requesting blood banks and hospitals are allowed to use it to find local blood banks. The procedure for keeping blood bags obtained at blood donation events necessitates meticulous and methodical attention. Because a blood bag is related to a person’s life, it must be handled with caution and meticulously maintained. It is proposed that a Web-based Blood Bank Management System (BBMS) be built to offer the blood bank with a management function for handling the blood bag. A freestanding blood bank system is currently used by only one government hospital in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia’s East Peninsular Coast. Keywords - Blood Bank Management System, Doner, Hospital