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A Computerized System to Limit Covid-19 Using Face Mask and Physical Distancing Detection With Keras/Tensorflow, Opencv, And Deep Learning

Since 2019, the rising COVID-19 pandemic has had a lasting impact in many countries worldwide. Face masks and social distancing recognition are significant advances in image processing and deep learning. Many models face detection devices use different algorithms and techniques. The method proposed in this document aims to prevent people without a mask and social distancing from entering required places (i.e., shopping malls, universities, offices, etc.) and connecting to masks by using deep learning, TensorFlow, Keras, and OpenCV to detect and send an alert. Real-time detection of human faces and identification of people wearing masks. This technique is beneficial in decreasing the spread of the virus. The data set provided in this document was collected from Kaggle. Keywords - Face Mask, Social Distancing, Alert, Alarm System, Deep Learning.