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Providing Vehicles Punctured Problem Resolved

This paper provides the problems and resolved solution related to tyres problems for ensuring the delays and damages of products as well as time. This paper namely provide the information about the people facing problem due to their tyres failure or get mainly punctured in between highways where mechanics are not available and hard to get out of there. According to this, tyres safety and security is the key thing for it. And providing a better solution to it must be required. So Toggle Track is the solution to it. Furthermore this paper describe the solution to the tyre problem. We mostly prefer our own vehicle to maintain our social image and to save time. If we own any vehicle we can travel according to our time and convince, whenever we want, we can go out but what if while travelling our vehicle got punctured? What will you do? Do they get puncture service centres easily or found any difficulties? This paper include positive and negative aspects of the application and collects conclusion to the issue. Keywords - Tyres, Punctured, Toggle Track.