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Fibro-Adenoma Edge Detection And Measure By Image Processing Techniques

The occurrence of fibroadenoma in females (premenopausal stage) is a major cause of benign breast lumps. This can lead to breast cancer if not consulted and treated by a specialist [1]. Reproductive hormones cause fibroadenomas. These are painless lumps in the breast having a well-defined shape. Precise diagnosis of fibroadenoma is done by acquiring cytological samples of the breast using techniques like core biopsy or fine-needle aspiration. But these techniques are time-consuming methods. It can also be located visually by using different combinations of medical imaging techniques such as ultrasound, mammography, MRI, etc. Medical imaging techniques lack the precision in identifying fibroadenoma. But incorporating it with image processing techniques like watershed segmentation, intensity slicing, thresholding, etc. can certainly yield promising results. This project attempts to incorporate various image processing techniques over breast ultrasound to distinguish fibroadenoma from other segments and marking the lump. Keywords - Fibroadenoma, Ultrasonography, Watershed segmentation, Region of Interest, Thresholding