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Sixth Sense Technology in Healthcare

In this paper we present a real-time interactive system that uses Sixth sense technology in healthcare that will help the physicians in diagnosis and treatment of patients in an efficient way. The system will be displaying a gesture control interface that will play the endoscopy video. The physician can pause, resume, take a snapshot of the video for further diagnosis. The region of interest can be cropped and plotted in a 3D graph for a better understanding of the lesions. The hardware of the system has been realized using a projector, camera, colour markers and a computing device. OpenCV, MySQL and Tensorflow has been implemented to accomplish the desired working of the system. OpenCV captures the hand gestures of the physician and decodes the movement to interact with the application designed and MySQL stores the patient information that can be retrieved and edited anytime. Artificial Intelligence has been implemented to the system which will improve the decision making of the physicians by automatically detecting the signs of cancer during. The proposed device can bring a revolutionized change to the healthcare and pave a better way of diagnosis and treatment of patient. Keywords - Gesture Control Interface, Endoscopy, Open CV, MySQL, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Graph.