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Air Conditioner Water Heater Using Waste Heat From Air Conditioner

The working principles and the basic features of air conditioner water heater (ACWH) system are introduced in this paper. the system can provide much better energy performance and higher equipment utilization throughout a year, and cause less thermal pollution than heat pump water heater and common air conditioner. The results indicate that the new system can save energy through multi-duties, compared with other models, the new system also includes air-conditioning unit and water heater unit Based on common air conditioner, this system can offer a practicable solution coupling air conditioner and water heater. It must be changing the markets of both air conditioner and water heater. Modification of existing air conditioner system is an effort to harvest waste heat energy from condenser. It should also be considered how the technique of harvesting waste heat for water heating purposes. Harvesting the waste heat from condenser needs a theoretical and practice study to see how much the AC. Keywords - Temperature, Condenser, Environment, Heat, Climate, Waste Heat Recovery, Air Conditioner.