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Leaf Disease Detection & Health Grading System

Agriculture is an important sector in India. Every year large numbers of crops and grains are wasted due to infection in plants due to various micro-organisms. Early detection of these infections using advance AI and imaging techniques can save these agricultural products and prevent the wastage. This paper proposes an algorithm to classify different images of leaves based on the infection pattern into one of the five micro-organism categories and applies various digital image processing techniques for image segmentation. Finally, the method is also compared with another AI technique using Fuzzy Rule base system. The entire algorithm is designed in MATLAB. This Soft computing project aims to solve a very noble objective to determine the micro-organism the leaf has been infected by, as well as the health of the plant in terms of percentage after the image of a leaf has been provided as an input to the neural network classifier. Keywords - AI, ANN, Fuzzy Logic, Image Processing, Leaf disease detection, MATLAB, Soft Computing