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A 7-Level Hybrid Security Model for Data Storage in the Cloud

Nowadays, technologies are emerging very rapidly and many organizations are trying to attract their clients by providing attractive services in their applications. Data is generating in every friction of seconds and storing this huge amount of data is a big challenge to any organization. Currently, there are various electronic applications like e-commerce, e-mailing, e-transactions etc. All these require online data processing that may contain private information which needs to be secure from any theft or hack like personal information, financial transactions, healthcare information etc. As we know, the concept of cloud computing has been introduced in computer science. Every company or client is using internet applications and storing their data on cloud servers. Cloud data storage service providers placed data remotely and cloud users do not have control over their data. So, the security of cloud data is one of the major issues and researchers have developed many tools, methods and algorithms to secure cloud data so that trust must be maintained between client and services provider. Keeping the security requirement of cloud data storage, we have introduced A 7-Level Hybrid Security Model for Data Storage in the Cloud and accessed by cloud users. Provide highly secured authenticity, confidentiality, integrity, and availability security triad for data storage on the cloud. We have used information separate layering concepts so that the placing and identification of data become secure. After the in-depth analysis of various cryptographic algorithms in our previous paper [19] we have used the hybrid of three algorithms in our proposed model. It will provide work separation and reduction of indirect data communication among layers. It will also provide complete end-to-end security of data from a client connection request to the cloud server response. At this stage the model is conceptual, implementation of this model will be our future work. General Terms: Cloud Security Challenges, Bugs, Vulnerabilities, Proposed Idea Keywords - RSA, MD 5, SHA-256, and Encrypted Password: Four Authentication: Cloud Data Storage Privacy: IP Authentication: E-mail cryptography, IP in IP tunneling, Public Auditability, One Time Password