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Prediction Based Healthcare System

Everyone falls sick sooner or later, and we all need great medical help. We accept that specialists are fully medical professionals where there is a lot of research behind all their decisions. Recent years of research have shown that Predictive analytics has become progressively helpful in the operational management, treatment, and disease, and has played a significant role in global health care. In our paper, we propose a user-friendly framework for receiving instant health advice through an online health care system. In recent years, problems have been solved to a high degree using Bayesian statistics and posterior distribution. We have developed a platform called the Smart Health Prediction System, which will help professionals to simplify their work and to do their jobs better. The framework diagnoses the patient early and suggests possible infections. It starts by collecting data from the patient about its symptoms and identifying the appropriate patient's condition based on the information provided. Keywords - Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Supervised Learning, Heart Disease Prediction, Kidney Disease Prediction, Breast Cancer Prediction, Diabetes Prediction, Liver Disease Prediction