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Image Analyzer Using Graphical User Interface In Matlab

Image acquisition systems must be precise so that any critical information in the image must not be concealed to the viewer but like every other imaging system biomedical image acquisition system also tends to produce errors or artifacts which results in loss of information. This project aims to present the user with an interactive platform enabling them to use various image processing techniques and present the output which can be recovered, visually more precise compared to the original image with the help of a graphical user interface (commonly abbreviated as GUI). We have incorporated image processing techniques such as pseudo-colouring processing, edge detection, watershed segmentation, etc to achieve the aforementioned outputs. MATLAB simulator is used in this project for applying image processing techniques and also integrating GUI with them. After this paper, the reader can observe that a user-friendly, systematic, time-efficient GUI has been developed. Keywords - Graphical User Interface (GUI), Pseudo-color image processing, Biomedical Image Artifact, Watershed Segmentation, Edge Detection