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Spectrum Decision Approach for Cognitive Radio based IoT in 5G Communication System

Spectrum Sensing (SS) plays an essential role in Cognitive Radio (CR) networks to diagnose the availability of frequency resources. In this topic, we aim to provide an in-depth survey on the most recent advances in SS for CR. We start by explaining the Half-Duplex and Full-Duplex paradigm thorough discussion of Full-Duplex operation modes from collision and through out points of view is presented. Then, we discuss the use of learning techniques in enhancing the SS performance considering both local cooperative sensing scenarios using on the operating modes in the Full-Duplex. In addition, recent SS applications for CR-based Internet of Things and Wireless Sensors Networks are presented. Furthermore, we survey the latest achievements in Spectrum Sensing as a Service, where the Internet of Things or the Wireless Sensor Networks may play an essential role in providing the CR network with the SS data. We also discuss the utilization of CR for the 5th Generation and Beyond and its possible role in frequency allocation.