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Longwave Diathermy: An Unmarked Discovery towards Treating Joint Pain

Thermal management in a biological tissue in order to destroy tissue under local heating process is carried out. Heat transport in biological tissue is mediated through a variety of phenomenological processes, involving tissue heat exchange, blood-tissue convection, blood perfusion or advection and diffusion across microvascular beds, and metabolic heat production. Long wave diathermy is a kind of machine that can be used to give treatment to the patients with the help of a treatment head and a particular independent long wave diathermy cream which is used as a coupling media to apply in between patient’s skin and treatment head, long wave diathermy uses 1 megahertz(MHZ) alternating current frequency The study aims to understand the use of Long wave diathermy in different clinical conditions and its physiological effects. The evidence suggest that LWD is used for many prevalent musculoskeletal conditions, pain management as well as the absorbtive activity of stomach. In conclusion, Longwave diathermy is used for pain relief and to increase the range of motion (ROM) and speeds up the recovery in chronic pain conditions