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Instant Energy Stimulant Nutraceutical Cube Formulation: Low Endothermic Promoting Booster Milk Drink

The need for innovative study and formulation is praised from the claim of those occupational personnel including software Engineers, those who get tremendously tired after their office work 9:00am -05:00pm. That time tea/coffee/health drinks won’t work with many pros and cons because it takes a long time to prepare and to initiate action, sometimes addiction, its lengthy preparation and blending processes and single mild stimulation drug efficiency. The method development and preparation of a formulation processing the cumulative effects of CNS stimulant, effective natural vasodilatation, energy boosting to brain, normalize function of immune system to reduce tiredness and fatigue, as brain tonic with caffeine dust, Theobroma Cacao dust, glucose/sucrose, vitamin –C, Brahmi’s leaf extract respectively. These components were in the form of solid cubes formulation with dispersible deliquescent additives of sodium citrate. Thus, get soluble in a low temperature 60-70°C of Luke warm liquid medium for drinks. These low temperature instant-energy boosters take less time to prepare and avoid thermo-labile constituent’s degradation. This formulation acts as multifactor benefits to the volunteers as instant stimulation and steady energy–brain tonic along with zero recurrent hangovers. Results have been observed in 30 volunteers that after continuous consumption disappeared the feeling intensity of tiredness and fatigue. Keywords - CNS Stimulant without Side Effect, Ease & Fast Preparation, Nutraceutical Cube Formulation, Novel Steady Energy-Brain Tonic, Innovative New Dosage.