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Design of A Dc-Dc-Ac Power Boost Inverter

DC to AC converter is a device that converts DC input to AC output. There are many real-life applications based on these kinds of converters, this is the reason for the importance of DC to AC converters in power electronics. To convert DC into AC due to some power loss in the internal circuit output power of the circuit always becomes less than the input power. If output voltage increases output current decreases and due to the loss in the internal circuit the ultimate output power decreases. But in our model, we can boost the input power which results in the output are greater than the input. Using this technology, we can overcome power loss and can get more output power than input. This circuit can be used in various places like energy production from renewable sources, fuel cells, wind turbines, solar energy electric cars, etc. Keywords - Power Boost, Pulse Generator, MOSFET.