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Recent Advances in Engineering and Technology

After the inception of the industrialization in 19th century and those impressively engineered advanced machines had hugely impacted the standard of living of human beings and after some time the technology was getting very sophisticated and efficient that impacting the mankind forever in terms of living, traveling, eating, farming, and communicating to each other.Since those machines were meant for making life easier, but also very costly, bulky, and not eco-friendly, then after intensive research in both engineering and optimization in bell-labs solid-state technology exhibited its tremendous capability of handling power with very minimal losses, being not costly as well.After the invention of SCR or thyristors or solid-state, power electronics-based power switches have changed the art of handling power and voltage of significantly large magnitude by consuming very less energy as opposed to very big and lossy gas-discharge-based convertors' tubes like thyratrons, mercury arc rectifiers, magnetron, etc. Also, in the vehicle industry, the use of diesel and petrol-based engine vehicle is so large that it impacted the environment so badly meanwhile the researchers came up with the idea of battery-powered vehicles that contributes a lot to the environment safety also nowadays, the energy sources are not limited to only fossil-based fuels but also available from sun and wind and by using solar PV technology that employs series of interconnected solar cells made it possible. However, the research is continuously going on to improve the efficiency of solar cells like mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline, and then thin-film technology. In thin-film technology, CaTe (Cadmium Telluride), GaAs (Gallium Arsenide), and recent perovskite-based solar cells show relatively better efficiency. The use of efficient and reliable batteries with hybrid technology in electric vehicles is also part of research like solar integrated EVs and using ethanol or green hydrogen-based fuel cells in EVs. Solid-state and polymer batteries are considered to be very safe and energy efficient but suffer from inevitable dendrites, and also ultra-capacitor and graphene-based storage technology are very popular nowadays to be integrated as a part of electric vehicles and in solar PV based applications also SiC (Silicon Carbide) based semiconductor technology is also can be used for manufacturing power electronic-based convertor system and power switches because of its direct wide bandgap capability. Since the applications are inexhaustive, researchers and engineers are continuously working to improve the current technology to provide mankind with great reliable, economical, and efficient technology. This paper presents a review of those emerging technology and their future scope. Keywords - EV, HEV, BMS, Solar PV, Perovskite, GHG, Renewables, Remote sensing