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A Study on Customer Satisfaction of Online Food Delivery (OFD) Services during Covid-19

Online Food Delivery (OFD) services are one of the fastest-growing service sectors in the service industry. The COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone's daily lives, resulting in pandemic control, which pushed people to adopt new habits such as wearing masks, keeping a safe distance, and practicing hand hygiene. Consumer behavior has also changed as a result of the pandemic. Food delivery services have become increasingly popular as a result of the increased demand. This paper titled “A study on customer satisfaction of online food delivery (OFD) services during covid-19” has been undertaken to identify the most important factor influencing and satisfying the customer to choose an online food delivery service in the time of covid-19. This study has been undertaken with a sample size of 170 respondents. The responses were gathered through a structured questionnaire. The results showed that service quality, food quality, promotion and discount, and menu and variety of restaurants influence and satisfy the customer to choose an online food delivery service during covid-19. Keywords- Online food delivery service, Customer Satisfaction, Service Quality, Promotion & Discount, Delivery Time, Food Quality