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English for Medical Purpose- Significance and the Need: An Analysis

Communication is a vital element in all walks of life. If the equivalent meaning is conveyed, then the communication is considered an effective one. Nowadays, communicating effectively has become a vital element in the field of health care. Communication in the field of clinical records can be categorized as communication amongst peers and communication between patients and health care workers. Effective communication is essential for overall well-being. In the field of clinical records, there is a dire need for effective communication, which in turn increases the necessity of interpersonal relationships. To perform the work at the highest standard, learning the dynamics of interpersonal communication is a must. This article tries to fathom the significance of writing skills amongst medical students. This research is carried out to find ways of learning the English language at the level of the Nursing College students who learn the second language. It aims in analyzing the writing skills of the students concerning central Kerala from the field of professional education. Keywords - Clinical record, Communication, Second language problems, writing skills