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Design of Cross-Shaped Slot Antenna for Biomedical Applications

This paper gives a modified design of Cross-shaped patch with slot antenna operates at industrial, medical and scientific (ISM) band at 2.45 GHz frequency. The proposed antenna includes of ground plane, dielectric substrate, square radiating patch with Cross-shaped slot. The general quantity of designed antenna is(32x24x0.1) mm3. The fabric of dielectric substrate used right here are polyimide (Ꜫr = 3.4). The proposed antenna is locatedinner pores and skin material (Ꜫr = 42.923) of the human frame tissue at 2.45 GHz frequency. The most advantage done of the proposed antenna is −27.75dB for 2.45 GHz band.The designed antenna has better results than the antenna discussed in the literature evaluation in terms of return loss (S_11), VSWR, Radiation pattern and Electric field patterns. This Implantable antenna is miniaturized and biocompatibility and this can be used for Bio-clinical programs. Keywords - ISM, Implantable antenna, Biomedical application, Cross-shaped slot antenna