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Reclaiming The Margins of The Indian Subcontinent: A Mapping Through Bharat Khand

The Indian subcontinent is an independent region in southern Asiawith over 1.8 billion people, such as the largest entity in the world. It is surrounded by the mighty Himalayas and the vast Indian Ocean with unique civilization, geography and flora and fauna. In the contemporary scenario, the Indian subcontinent is more visible in the geopolitical context rather than in its real conditions of tectonic margins. This changed the map of the geographical Indian subcontinent and limited its civilizational geography. Maps are always been used as an indicator to claim any political interest. This paper is therefore an attempt to reclaim the approximate geographical extensions of the Indian subcontinent from Vedic perspectives, showing its civilizational geography as well as supporting the major tectonic conditions of the Indian plate. Hence, this Vedic mapping articulates the geographical extension of the Indian subcontinent through Bharat Khand, representing the combination of civilization with respect to the landmass of the Indian plate. Keywords - Bharat Khand, Civilization,Indian Plate, Indian Subcontinent,Margins.