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Virtually Doped CNTFET

Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors (CNTFETs) will possibly play significant role in the near future. The alternative for Silicon to continue with scaling has been worked upon by several groups. The journey started with basic structures had progressed a lot in last decade. The CNTFETs are not able to cope up with conventional doping techniques. The doping may results in altering the properties of the CNTFETs. In this work a structure is proposed that provides an alternative to doping. The doping is achieved by applying potential on secondary gates. The properties of the secondary gate can alter the source and drain to n/p type material. The parameters likeION/IOFFratio and Subthresholdswing structure of CNTFET is calculated for the proposed structure using where NanoTCADViDES software. Thesimulation is performed for variations of the parameters like channel length, oxide layer thickness, dielectric, voltage polarity. The ION/IOFF ratioand Subthresholdswing for optimized structure is 3.1468×〖10〗^6and is 70mv/decade respectively.