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Low Power Differential Ring VCO Design in NANO Technology

This paper describes thedesign of athree stage differential delayring voltage controlled oscillator(VCO) using carbon nanotubes field effect transistors(CNTFET).The operational frequencies in the range of hundreds of gigahertz with low power consumption are the main advantages of CNTFET. This paper analyzes different performance parameters like frequency range, power dissipation, current and supply voltage of proposed VCO designed using CNFTFET. For a control voltage (Vc) variation of 0.1 – 1.0 V, the proposed VCO achieves 233.36 – 138.26 GHz 179.84-88.23 GHz and 233.24-110.26 GHz while consumes 7.4– 49.1 µW, 10.1 – 16.1 µW and 18.1 – 78.3µW respectively from a 1 V power supply at different values of number of tubes for P type CNTFET (PCNTFET) and N type (NCNTFET). Keywords - CNTFET, Differentialdelay VCO, Ring Oscillator, Skew Delay VCO