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Realization of Universal Reversible Gate in Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata

CMOS technology is considered the finest achievement to design and develop arithmetic devices and devices for communication applications. We also know that the complication which the CMOS technology is facing like data loss and at nanoscale, motivates the researchers to go beyond technology like CMOS in order to remove the problems faced, one of the new technologies revealed is QCA, which stands for Quantum Dot Cellular Automata. Examinations, guided QCA and reversibility used in logic as a substitute for CMOS. In QCA technology, the Neeraj Nashit NN-QCA gate, a unique 3×3 reversible and universal gate, is introduced and built by explicit cell interaction, and then this gate is utilized to produce a half adder and full adder in QCA. The gate has a universal nature and is proved by calculating all seven basic logic functions using NN-QCA, whilst the multi-operative nature of the NN gate is proved by realizing all thirteen boolean functions that are standard. Work done using the NN gate is then compared to the previously stated work in the literature. After calculations, the said design attains a excellence of 28.57% in comparison to prior work. The NN QCA has been found more efficient. Keywords - QCA Fundamentals, Nanotechnology, Reversiblegate, Universalgate, Full Adder