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Study of Total Phenol, Protein, Lipid and Carbohydrate Content in Selected Varieties of Potato of North East India

Potato is a member of the Solanaceae, family with more than 3,000 species. It is an important global food source. Potato is a major world food crop and by far the most important vegetable crop in terms of quantities produced and consumed worldwide. It is popularly known as the “Vegetable King”. It is the world’s most productive vegetable and provides a major source of nutrition and income to many population and communities, and its content in dry matter, edible energy and edible protein makes it of good nutritional quality. The carbohydrate content of potato is mostly starch with some amount of sugar. Potato protein has a relatively high nutritional quality (Kapoor et al., 1975; Knorr, 1978) and, thus has good potential for utilization in foods.Phenolic compounds can suppress free radicalinduced oxidative stress and reduce the onset of these diseases. Potato (Solanum tuberosumLinn.) also contains significant levels of vitamins (Kolasa, 1993) and important antioxidant (Al-Saikhan et al., 1995; Al-Saikhan, 2000), including phenolic acids, carotenoids and flavonoids (Arai, et al., 2000; C. R. Brown, 2005). Keywords - Potato, Carbohydrate, Protein, Nutrition