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Design and Analysis of Roller Conveyer for Multip- Degree of Freedom and Weight Optimisation

Over the years, a lot of work has been done, and it is constantly being done, to reduce the weight and cost of applications in roller conveyer. The current tendency is to offer light-weight, low-cost goods that meet the most severe specifications. The goal of this paper is to examine existing conveyor systems and optimise critical parts such as rollers, shafts, and C-channels for chassis and support in order to reduce overall assembly weight and save material. To do so, review the paper and determine the Problem Definition and make solution for this problem with the help of design and modelling, also roller conveyer are detachable and replace the older machine which is the goal of this paper Keywords - Roller Conveyer, Conveyer,Multip-Degree, Weight Optimisation Conveyer, Analysis of Roller Conveyer