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Knowledge Attitude and Practice Regarding Nutrition among Pregnant Women Attending the Antenatal OPD of BPKIHS

Knowledge on nutrition is a vital element to ensure positive pregnancy outcome. It is essential to achieve healthy dietary practice and subsequently improves their attitude towards dietary intake. Objectives - To assess the knowledge attitude and practice regarding nutrition among pregnant women attending the Antenatal OPD of BPKIHS. Material and method - Hospital based cross sectional study was conducted among 154 pregnant women attending the antenatal OPD of BPKIHS. Semi structure questionnaire was used to collect the data. Purposive sampling technique was used and data were collected by interview method. The collected data were analyzed with descriptive statistics (mean, frequency and standard deviation). Chi square was used to assess the association between knowledge attitude and practice and association between knowledge, attitude and practice with selected demographic variables. Results - More than half (53.2 %) of respondents were of age 15-25 years. 50% of respondents had adequate knowledge regarding nutrition during pregnancy, 44.8% of respondents had appropriate practice and 46.1% of respondents had positive attitude regarding nutrition during pregnancy. Age, education and information had strong statistical association with knowledge (p value 0.012, 0.012 and 0.01) respectively. No of antenatal visit and education are associated with attitude of mother regarding nutrition with p value 0.014 and 0.019 respectively. There were no any association between knowledge attitude and practices. Conclusion - The study findings reveled that half of the respondents had adequate knowledge on nutrition and less than half of respondents had appropriate practice and positive attitudes regarding nutrition during pregnancy. There were no any association between knowledge attitude and practices. Keywords - Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, Nutrition, Pregnant Women