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Adverse Events Following Immunization: Management Preparedness among Health Workers of Sunsari, Nepal

Adverse event following immunization (AEFI) is any untoward medical occurrence which follows immunization and which does not necessarily have a causal relationship with the usage of vaccine. In order to develop public confidence in national immunization program (NIP) and save life, health personnel should be aware and managed AEFI promptly. The aim of the study was to assess the management preparedness among health workers of Sunsari district, Nepal. A descriptive cross sectional study was conducted. The sample size was 96 and the required numbers of health workers were taken from simple random sampling method. Interview technique was used to collect the information from the respondents. The factors associated with AEFI management preparedness were assessed through different questions: and, availability of AEFI Kitbox was observed through observation checklist. The mean age with standard deviation (SD) of the respondents were 36.05±9.87 years. Sixty three percent of the respondents had fair knowledge, 28% had good knowledge and 9%of the respondents had poor knowledge on AEFI. All of the visited organization (40 out of 40) had not been availability of AEFI Kitbox for their routine immunization program. This study concluded that the health workers had good management preparedness in Sunsari, Nepal. The knowledge regarding AEFI was found fair among health workers. Regarding factors associated with management preparedness, majority of the respondents had followed the guidelines to conduct immunization program, but there were lack of availability of AEFI management Kitbox for immediate management in the case of adverse effects occurs. Keywords - Management Preparedness on AEFI, AEFI KITBOX