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Emotion Detection System using Deep Learning

Every research done in the field of the Emotion Detection System has provide us with innovative and useful technologies which always puts an effort to improvise human-computer interactions. With the advancement in modern tools and technologies it is always observed that many researchers have shown interest to perform experiments in this area and give better insights and results in this field. Automated Emotion Recognition System has many applications including understanding human behaviour, drawing conclusions about one’s mental health and many more. But detecting emotions with the help of visuals is still a challenging task as it is difficult to differentiate between synthetic and genuine emotions. In this paper we implemented facial emotion detection technique by making use of FER2013 dataset on the live videos captured at real time. It’s implemented with the concept of deep learning called Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). Through this paper we want to provide the best of insights on recent works done in this field. Keywords - Artificial intelligence (AI); Digital Image Processing, Deep Learning; Convolutional Neural Network (CNN); Facial emotion detection