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Need For Staff Training As a part of Strategic Costing in Tourism Oriented Restaurant Industry in Uttarakhand: A Review

Hospitality services and goods are intertwined. Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and a major contributor to global GDP. It has to contend with a dynamic and competitive environment in today's world. Uttarakhand’s tourist economy relies heavily on the establishment of hotels and eateries. Because of the fierce competition in this field, they need an experienced personnel to succeed. Attendees are critical to the success of the event. As a service-based company, the Restaurant and Tourism industry relies heavily on training and development to ensure customer happiness and business success. According to this study, Uttarakhand’s restaurant and tourist business needs strategic costing development. Customer happiness has been identified as the most important factor in achieving success. An increasing number of businesses are entering the Uttarakhand hotel market. Every aspect of strategic planning, from human resources to procurement and inventories, needs attention. The majority of staff are unable to converse effectively with visitors from other countries because of their limited proficiency in the English language. The tourism and hospitality business should interact with outside experts and educators to improve its operations and make it easier for its stakeholders to participate. Keywords - Staff, Training, Hotel, Industry, Productivity, Tourism Industry, Restaurant, Cuisine, Language, Hospitality.