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An Outreach of Educational Infrastructures: A Brief Analysis of Imphal West District of Manipur

Quality education, education for all and equal access to school infrastructures for all have been the mantra for school education in India. With numerous national policies on inclusive education being introduced and implemented in India since Independence coupled with national policies-oriented state education policies being introduced by each states within the country, it remains to be seen how effective these policies have been. India has asserted its commitment to inclusive education by agreeing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UNESCO Salamanca Statement. The state of Manipur, being one of the highest in terms of literacy with a literacy rate of 76.94 percent as per 2011 population census, is one state that has tried to keep abreast of all and latest policies on education. However, apart from government reports, very little is known on how inclusive, accountable and accessible school education and educational infrastructures to the people really are, especially when rural and urban poor are taken into account. Keywords - Education, Quality, Inclusivity, Literacy, Accessibility, Accountability.