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Knowledge on Oral Health Among The School Age Children of Dharan

Objective: To find out the knowledge on oral health and association between knowledge with selected demographic variables. Method: A descriptive cross sectional study was adapted with total 216 children on the basis of village and data was collected through self –administered questionnaire. Result: Majority of the children found adequate knowledge. It revealed that the mean knowledge of the respondents on oral health concept measures 78.22% followed by 82% by dietary impact on oral health, causes and prevention of oral diseases 67%, importance of dental checkup 60.6%. There was significant association of knowledge with type of family and source of information but not with age, gender, ethnicity, religion and educational level of parents. Conclusion: The study concludes that educating child on oral health is very important. And teaching program was an effective in increasing the knowledge of primary school children. Thus, it is recommended that educational interventional study could be conducted for increasing the awareness regarding oral health. Keywords - Knowledge, Oral Health.