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Impact of Slums on the Life of Women

Cities are expanding all throughout the world, which has led to both opportunities and difficulties. As a result, urban slums are widely dispersed throughout the world, housing millions of people in appalling conditions.The paper seeks to studyspecific issues of migrant women residing in the slums. It attempts describe the life of migrant women in slums. It will also discuss about the various problems faced by the women of the migrant community in terms of their mobility, wages, power of decision making etc. The paper will focus on the political participation of women living in slums. The data was collected from the 60 migrant women respondents who are living in the slums of two towns of Punjab i.e Ludhiana and Kharar. The study analyzed the impact of slums on the life of women how it makes migrant women excluded from the basic health services. The paper also explored how slums affect the social networks and how these networks affect migrant women’s health and social adjustment. The study found that life of migrant women in slums is challenging and they have to cope up with several issues such as caring of their children, doing domestic chores and work in informal sectors. Thus, additional challenge which migrant women face in the slums is that their mobility is curtailed by their husbands and they cannot move on their free will. Their health is highly compromised in the slums leading to several health issues among them. Overallslums make their life hard and they have to live in harsh conditions in order to survive. Keywords - Slums, Health, Migration, Migrant Women and Exclusion.