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Development of Three-Layer Ionic Structure Membrane of PVA-PVP-PSSA/ PVA-BP/PVA-PVP-PSSA

Development Of Three Layer Ionic Membrane Of Polyvinyl Alcohol-Polyvinyl PyrroliDone - Polystyrene Sulfonate ( PVA-PVP-PSSA ) , Polyvinyl Alcohol – Banana Peel ( PVA-BP) And Polyvinyl Alcohol-Polyvinylpyrrolidone-Polystyrene Sulfonate( PVA-PVP-PSSA) By Using Solvent Casting Method . The Aim Of This Is To Provide An Alternate Method Of Developing the Super Capacitor. The Uppermost And Downward Membrane Act as Conducting Layer and the Banana Peel Membrane Sandwich Between these Two Membrane. The Banana Peel and Polyvinyl Alcohol Membrane Act As Dielectric. The Area Of Super Capacitor Graph Is 0.02238278 Wwith the Scan Rate 1428.57 has Working Potential 3v . The Effective Specific Capacitances (Cp) 95.96F/G. The Electrical Properties are Analysis by Impedance Analyser and the Specific Capacitance is Calculating through Cyclic Voltammetry Keywords - Super Capacitor, Cyclic voltammetry, PVP, Specific Capacitance