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Natural Dyeing of Jute With Annatto Seeds with Improved Colour Yield – A Green Chemistry

Jute, an agro-renewable bast fibre is dyed with the aqueous extract of annatto seeds. The dyeing process conditions were optimized. Two inorganic mordants namely natural alum and stannous chloride were applied on the jute fabric by padding method followed by drying in air. Mordants were applied on the fabric individually before the dyeing as well as in sequential application for dual mordanting. Mordants improved the surface colour strength and fastness of colour. The standardized dyeing process conditions were found as dyeing temperature: 60°C; dyeing time: 60 minutes; pH: 12. Keyword - Jute, Annatto, Alum, Stannous Chloride, Dual Mordanting, Natural Dyeing, Dyeing Process Variables