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Abstract - The 3.6m DOT (Devasthal Optical Telescope) facility at ARIES, Devasthal consists of a 3.6m diameter optical telescope, a suite of back-end instruments, a rotating dome and an extension building with an aluminizing plant, a control room and a data centre. The aluminising process of M1 mirror of 3.6m DOT involves the disintegration and integration procedures of ARISS (Adapter Rotator Instrument Support Structure) and M1 CELL (Mirror No.1). During the whole process, different types of Mechanical tools and hardware were used. At some instances, special tools were also made in order to facilitate further operation modules. The study of proper usage of comprehensive list of tools and hardware for easiness in future aluminizing missions has also been made corresponding to each operation. Also, considering the fact that it is very much essential to update the inventory with proper tools and hardware at the workplace, whenever required, which is very important during these types of vital missions with prior approach. Subsequently, the study of respective tools, hardware and safety measures during every operation were done to avoid any inconvenience in future aluminizing missions. It reduces the operation time and strengthens capability of the team to work efficiently, as well as meticulously too. Thus, the project deals with utilising different types of tools, tackles, customized tools and mechanical hardware; being used during the disintegration procedures of ARISS and M1 CELL. The problems due to unavailability of required essential tools and proper hardware during on- site operations are also taken care of, followed by the optimum remedies taken to resolve them in the meantime; to avoid any further inconveniency in the work flow. Key Words - Tools, Tackles, Welding, Manufacturing, ARISS, Octagon, M1Cell, Sputtering, Aluminising, Sling, Quality Control, DE(Double End)Spanner, Ring Spanner, Ratchet Spanner etc.