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Blockchain Based Medical Supply Chain Management for Vaccine Tracking

The term "supply chain" refers to the movement of information and products via various suppliers, including those who provide raw materials, producers, distributors, retailers, and end consumers. Supply chain management (SCM) aids in the efficient tracking and accounting of information and product movement among several users. The supply chain management procedures now in place, however, fall short in providing information openness, user privacy, timely updates on demand peaks, inappropriate information tracing, quality control, deal repudiation, and user trust. In order to solve these issues, we suggest a cutting-edge architecture for managing the pharmaceutical supply chain that makes use of the distributed ledger technology known as the Ethereum blockchain. On an Ethereum blockchain, we suggest several smart contracts to control pharmaceutical supply chain operations.With increased user trust, this framework assists in attaining user privacy, drug supply transparency, drug monitoring, quality control, non-repudiation, and demand supply management. In the conclusion, we evaluate the suggested framework in terms of how well it satisfies the demands of pharmaceutical supply chain management. Keywords - Supply Chain Management, Blockchain, Smart Contract, Demand Supply Management, Quality Management